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:movie_camera: various scripts for managing a TV and movie library with profanity filtering, subtitles, etc.
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Media Tools

  • bin/2avi - converts an arbitrary number of video files to AVI files (broken)
  • bin/make_edl - generates an EDL file suitable for mplayer given a subtitle file (mutes lines containing profanity)
  • bin/mkv2avi - uses mkvextract and ffmpeg to convert mkv's to avi's (probably best to do this manually)
  • bin/moviefilter - does nothing at the moment
  • bin/process_with_edl - mute/skip parts of a given video file with an edl list (uses mencoder)
  • bin/search_reviews - searches PluggedIn and Kids in Mind for reviews for a given movie
  • bin/srename - convenience script for mass-renaming TV seasons
  • bin/torrent_search - searches The Pirate Bay for a given TV show and parses the results into seasons, episodes, formats, and quality (partially complete RSS feed generation too)

New Project: idtest

This will probably become its own Github project - the idtest/process.rb script is an updated "smart" version of the bin/srename script that is aware of show information from and uses lots of algorithms to match files to episodes. It will hopefully have a future ncurses frontend.

Subfolders / Subprojects

  • hulu-subs-decryption - decryption for Hulu's subtitles (only the perl version works)
  • media-finder - searches NZBMatrix for a given TV show
  • p1013 - original scripts for movie filtering
  • xbmcfilter - idea to filter XBMC videos based on HTTP API (proof of concept)


I've only tested this on Mac OS X Lion and a current version of Arch - will probably work on other systems, though (probably not windows without some serious hacking).

  • ruby (use rvm)
  • perl
  • python
  • mplayer / mencoder (brew install mplayer)
  • ffmpeg (brew install ffmpeg --use-gcc)
  • mkvtoolnix (brew install mkvtoolnix)
  • mediainfo (brew install mediainfo)
  • mp4box (brew install mp4box)
  • exiftool (brew install exiftool)


  • mediainfo

I'll be working on standardizing stuff so that there's not so many redundant dependencies.

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