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@@ -18,9 +18,7 @@ <h2>Articles About Code Coverage</h2>
Starting point with a long list of references and tools.</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Steve Cornett: "Code Coverage Analysis"</a> -
A comprehensive description of different coverage measures.</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Tony Obermeit: "Code Coverage Lessons"</a> -
Read why Tony recommends 100% code coverage for your test suites.</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Andrew Glover: "Don't be fooled by the coverage report"</a> -
<li><a class="extern" href="">Andrew Glover: "Don't be fooled by the coverage report"</a> -
This article shows some risks when misusing coverage reports in projects.</li>
@@ -55,11 +53,11 @@ <h2>Directories for Eclipse Plug-ins and Java Tools</h2>
<h2>Articles About EclEmma</h2>
<li>Tests f&uuml;r die Tests by Marc R. Hoffmann, <a class="extern" href="">Eclipse Magazin Vol. 3.2011</a>, 2011/03/25 [de]</li>
<li>EclEmma by Richard Attermeyer, <a class="extern" href="">Eclipse Magazin Vol. 2.2010</a>, 2010/01/27 [de]</li>
<li>Tests f&uuml;r die Tests by Marc R. Hoffmann, Eclipse Magazin Vol. 3.2011, 2011/03/25 [de]</li>
<li>EclEmma by Richard Attermeyer, Eclipse Magazin Vol. 2.2010, 2010/01/27 [de]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Test Coverage with EclEmma</a> by Laurie Williams, Ben Smith and Sarah Heckman, <a class="extern" href="">North Carolina State University</a>, 2009/03/30</li>
<li>Testabdeckung mit Open-Source-Tools by Tim Wellhausen, <a class="extern" href="">JavaSpektrum</a>, 2008/06/01 [de]</li>
<li>EclEmma by Benjamin Muskalla, <a class="extern" href="">Eclipse Magazin Vol. 11</a>, 2007/06/05 [de]</li>
<li>Testabdeckung mit Open-Source-Tools by Tim Wellhausen, JavaSpektrum, 2008/06/01 [de]</li>
<li>EclEmma by Benjamin Muskalla, Eclipse Magazin Vol. 11, 2007/06/05 [de]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Coverage Test Made Easy with EclEmma</a> by Dr. James Gan, 2007/05/17 [zh]</li>
@@ -72,21 +70,16 @@ <h2>Blog Entries About EclEmma</h2>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Test Coverage for your Enterprise Beans. Running Eclemma with GlassFish 3.1</a> by Markus Eisele, 2011/04/05</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Do you need a good cover for this winter?</a> by Fabian Piau, 2009/11/08</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma: Visualizar la cobertura de los tests unitarios en Eclipse</a> by tratandodeentenderlo, 2009/11/06 [es]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Java code coverage reports in Eclipse</a> by Margelatu, 2009/06/25</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma</a> by Geek, 2009/04/19</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma, a code coverage plugin for Eclipse</a> by Chris Bartling, 2008/12/05</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Keep Cover!</a> by Uwe Schaefer, 2008/10/22</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Code Coverage en Eclipse</a> by Jos&eacute; Manuel Beas, 2008/08/08 [es]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Of EMMA's and Eclipse's</a> by Shyam Seshadri, 2008/07/20</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Using EclEmma to Write Better Unit Tests</a> by Eric Anderson, 2008/05/08</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Code Coverage for Eclipse redeux: EclEmma</a> by Kevin Klinemeier, 2008/01/08</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Great Code Coverage Plugin for Eclipse</a> by Merlyn Albery-Speyer, 2007/11/04</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Great Code Coverage Plugin for Eclipse</a> by Merlyn Albery-Speyer, 2007/11/04</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Eclipse-Emma-Plugin: EclEmma</a> by Dirk Meister, 2007/05/17 [de]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Free and Excellent Code Coverage for Eclipse</a> by Howard Lewis Ship, 2007/05/16</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma, de lo mejor en cuanto a cobertura de código</a> by Martin Perez, 2007/02/28 [es]</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Eclipse Code Coverage with EclEmma</a> by Geoffrey Wiseman, 2007/02/19</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Eclipse Emma Plug-in</a> by Brett Dubroy, 2006/12/01</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Code Coverage while you work: EclEmma</a> by John Brugge, 2006/11/23</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma</a> by Bob McCune, 2006/11/22</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">EclEmma - Java Code Coverage</a> by Venukb, 2006/11/22</li>
<li><a class="extern" href="">Code coverage on Eclipse: EclEmma</a> by Andres Almiray, 2006/11/14</li>

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