Desktoppish app to view and manage photos.
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Exiftool to read and write EXIF. No native golang solution.

UI to edit EXIF.

Is there a need for app db? What needs to be persisted? If any, can localstorage to the job?

  • save non-descrutive edits (cropping points), focal points, contrast, sharpening
  • save credentials for exporting to other platforms
  • store exif as exiftool processing is very slow
  • issue of list vs keyed access on frontend will require indexeddb in any case

Disk caching for imaginary thumbnails? For now a browser TTL of 1 week is set. How large is the browser cache?

Carousel cannot cope with a large amount of images.

Faster way to get image files from folder? Golang glob does not support multiple extensions such as *.{jpg|JPEG}

Floating controls.


Removed the root / check in imaginary.go line 252.