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A very early, very POC-type port of to JavaScript

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Clone the repo and install dependencies via npm install. Tests can be executed via

  • npm run testOnce (100% covered unit tests)


Install the package with npm install --save ethabi-js from the npm registry ethabi-js



  • this version tries to stay as close to the original Rust version in intent, function names & purpose
  • it is a basic port of the Rust version, relying on effectively the same test-suite (expanded where deemed appropriate)
  • it is meant as a library to be used in other projects, i.e. ethapi-js

differences to original Rust version

  • internally the library operates on string binary representations as opposed to Vector bytes, lengths are therefore 64 bytes as opposed to 32 bytes
  • function names are adapted from the Rust standard snake_case to the JavaScript standard camelCase
  • due to the initial library focus, the cli component (as implemented by the original) is not supported nor mplemented