ForceAtlas2 does not push isolates to the border #51

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In Gephi, the ForceAtlas2 pushes isolated nodes to the border, and keep connected nodes at the center. The Sigmajs plugins does the opposite, which is confusing regarding to the central position of these isolates.

I've played with a lot of settings but failed to push isolates at the border. Hence something might be wrong in the implementation.

Has somebody be able to push isolates out of the center?

Import a gexf file into sigma and it will leave your nodes as positioned in gephi.


My use case in more complete: I receive a set of nodes and edges from an API, and apply the FA2 layout. I just want this layout to have the same behavior as in Gephi, at is should be the same algorithm.


Hello @sheymann

Is your issue solved with the last implementation of the algorithm?


Yes perfect!

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