Reflexive Edges (Selfloops) Do Not Render #54

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a6r commented Oct 17, 2012

When a node has an edge that is supposed to reference itself a "Selfloop" edge is not rendered. Please see edge 2 in the repro below.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gexf xmlns="" xmlns:viz="">
<meta lastmodifieddate="2012-10-17">
  <creator>Test Case For Selfloop Issue</creator>

<graph type="static">
  <attributes class="node" type="static">
    <attribute id="0" title="nodedef" type="string"/>
    <attribute id="1" title="label" type="string"/>
    <attribute id="2" title="occurrences" type="integer"/> 

    <node id="0" label="node0">
      <viz:color b="51" g="51" r="255"/>
      <viz:position x="1.1" y="1.1" z="0.0"/>
      <viz:size value="3.6"/>
        <attvalue id="0" value="n0"/>
        <attvalue id="1" value="1831"/>
        <attvalue id="2" value="1"/>

    <node id="1" label="node1">
      <viz:color b="51" g="51" r="255"/>
      <viz:position x="1" y="1" z="0.0"/>
      <viz:size value="10.138098"/>
        <attvalue id="0" value="n1"/>
        <attvalue id="1" value="New York"/>
        <attvalue id="2" value="143"/>

    <edge id="0" source="0" target="1"/>
    <edge id="1" source="1" target="0"/>
    <edge id="2" source="1" target="1"/>


GEXF 1.2 draft[1] states:

Edges with only one endpoint, also called loops, selfloops, or reflexive edges,
are defined by having the same value for source and target.


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jacomyal Feb 24, 2014


The feature is not implemented yet. A discussion is opened in issue #203.


jacomyal commented Feb 24, 2014

The feature is not implemented yet. A discussion is opened in issue #203.

@jacomyal jacomyal closed this Feb 24, 2014

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