Latest commit c27271f Mar 21, 2016 Joakim af Sandeberg Changed the name of the renderers to dotCurvedArrow and dotCurve.
This was done from @Yomguithereal comment on the pull request.
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sigma.exporters.svg Fixing non-strict-mode compliant sigma plugin with illegal 'delete' u… Dec 22, 2014
sigma.layout.forceAtlas2 fixed a bug on ForceAtlas2 Feb 12, 2016
sigma.layout.noverlap Update documentation for noverlap Feb 28, 2016
sigma.neo4j.cypher [Cypher plugin]: PR #677 Jan 30, 2016
sigma.parsers.gexf Fixing edge type for gexf parser plugin. Apr 17, 2015
sigma.parsers.json Fixing type on instantiate Jun 23, 2015
sigma.pathfinding.astar Adding pathfinding.astar to plugin build process Jan 30, 2015
sigma.plugins.animate Update doc and allows to pass an array of node ids in options Dec 9, 2014
sigma.plugins.dragNodes Dropping useless dummy lines Feb 16, 2016
sigma.plugins.filter Minor adaptations for pull request #325 Jul 30, 2014
sigma.plugins.neighborhoods sigma.plugins.neighborhood works Jan 19, 2014
sigma.plugins.relativeSize Replaced tabs by spaces in relativeSize plugin Jun 21, 2014
sigma.renderers.customEdgeShapes Trailing whitespaces and new lines at EOF Oct 10, 2014
sigma.renderers.customShapes Code style improvements Oct 27, 2015
sigma.renderers.edgeDots Changed the name of the renderers to dotCurvedArrow and dotCurve. Mar 21, 2016
sigma.renderers.edgeLabels Fix Linkurious/linkurious.js#7 Sep 9, 2014
sigma.renderers.parallelEdges Converted to parallelEdges plugin. Added support for parallel edge la… Apr 27, 2015
sigma.renderers.snapshot Slightly enhancing snapshot plugin docs Nov 13, 2014
sigma.statistics.HITS corrected tempRes variable reset: object and not variable Jul 31, 2014