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Plugin developed by Sébastien Heymann for Linkurious.



This plugin displays edge labels.

See the following example for full usage.

To use it, include all .js files under this folder.


This plugin extends Sigma.js settings in a transparent way to render edge labels, see settings.js:

  • defaultEdgeLabelColor

    • type: string
    • default value: #000
  • defaultEdgeLabelActiveColor

    • type: string
    • default value: rgb(236, 81, 72)
  • defaultEdgeLabelSize

    • type: number
    • default value: 10
  • edgeLabelSize

    • Indicates how to choose the edge labels size.
    • type: string
    • default value: fixed
    • available values: fixed, proportional
  • edgeLabelSizePowRatio

    • The opposite power ratio between the font size of the label and the edge size.
    • type: number
    • default value: 0.8
// Formula:
Math.pow(size, - 1 / edgeLabelSizePowRatio) * size * defaultEdgeLabelSize
  • edgeLabelThreshold
    • The minimum size an edge must have to see its label displayed.
    • type: number
    • default value: 1

The plugin also forces drawEdgeLabels to true.

The default values provided by the plugin may be overridden when instantiating Sigma, e.g.:

var sigInst = new sigma({
  container: 'graph-container',
  settings: {
    edgeLabelSize: 'proportional'


This plugin provides the following edge label renderers:

  • line (default)
  • arrow (use default)
  • curve
  • curvedArrow


This plugin is compatible with sigma.plugins.activeState.