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Microservice Programming

This repository contains the public material and information related to the Microservice Programming course offered by the IMADA Department at SDU.

The course is an introduction to microservice programming, a paradigm in which software is built by composing distributed services that can be independently developed and deployed. Adopting microservices can offer benefits, among others, in terms of composability, resilience, and scalability of software projects. Durning the course, we will use the language Jolie as a possible tool for developing microservice systems. Moreover, we will indulge in the new DevOps software engineering culture and practice to understand how to automatize and monitor all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, release to deployment and infrastructure management.

To complete the course you need to complete a presentation on the most modern tools used by the big players of the IT world and a project where a microservice system must be build following the DevOps approach.


Jacopo Mauro Contact email: Office Ø13-604a-2

Course Material

The course material is available on this git repository. Material that can not be made public will be available on the Blackboard platform.