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A genetic algorithm that uses polygons to generate an image. This has been done quite a few times before, but this tries a number of different approaches as an experiment.
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The GA-Paint program is simple evolutionary algorithm to convert any picture (i.e jpg, png, etc.) into a series of semi-transparent, overlapping polygons.

At the moment the project is more of a proof-of-concept-trial-and-error- how-does-github-work-in-progress-with-no-testcases type of monstrosity then anything else.

The graphical output can then be saved into a Json object and used within other applications.


Run to start the process:

For example:

./ bill-in-skipants.jpg 300

To output the result as a JSon object

./dump eastate bill-in-skipatns.json

To clear everything and start affresh:

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