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#pragma once
#include <reflexpr>
#include <tuple>
#include "refl_utilities.hpp"
#include "string_literal.hpp"
namespace type_synthesis {
namespace refl = jk::refl_utilities;
namespace sl = jk::string_literal;
template <typename KeyT, typename Name>
struct associative_access {
template <size_t... i>
constexpr static std::size_t access_helper(std::index_sequence<i...> &&) {
static_assert((sl::compare<Name>(std::get<i>(KeyT::value)) || ...),
"Key index not found in synthesized type");
return ((sl::compare<Name>(std::get<i>(KeyT::value)) ? i : 0) + ...);
constexpr static std::size_t value = access_helper(
std::make_index_sequence<std::tuple_size_v<typename KeyT::type>>());
template <typename T, typename I> struct get_element_until;
template <typename T, size_t... i>
struct get_element_until<T, std::index_sequence<i...>> {
using type = std::tuple<std::tuple_element_t<i, T>...>;
constexpr static auto slice(const T &sliced) {
return std::make_tuple(std::get<i>(sliced)...);
template <typename T, size_t Skip, typename I> struct get_element_after;
template <typename T, size_t Skip, size_t... i>
struct get_element_after<T, Skip, std::index_sequence<i...>> {
using type = std::tuple<std::tuple_element_t<i + Skip + 1, T>...>;
constexpr static auto slice(const T &sliced) {
return std::make_tuple(std::get<i + Skip + 1>(sliced)...);
template <typename OriginalKeyT, size_t RemoveIndex> struct remove_key_wrapper {
using TupleT = typename OriginalKeyT::type;
constexpr static std::size_t N = std::tuple_size_v<TupleT>;
constexpr static auto value = std::tuple_cat(
get_element_until<TupleT, std::make_index_sequence<RemoveIndex>>::slice(
get_element_after<TupleT, RemoveIndex,
std::make_index_sequence<N - RemoveIndex - 1>>::
using type = std::decay_t<decltype(value)>;
template <typename T, typename Name>
struct remove_at_key {
constexpr static auto removed_index =
associative_access<typename T::key_type, Name>::value;
constexpr static auto N = std::tuple_size_v<typename T::tuple_type>;
using values = std::decay_t<decltype(
std::tuple_cat(std::declval<typename get_element_until<
typename T::tuple_type,
std::declval<typename get_element_after<
typename T::tuple_type, removed_index,
std::make_index_sequence<N - removed_index - 1>>::type>()))>;
using keys = remove_key_wrapper<typename T::key_type, removed_index>;
template <typename MetaObj> struct object_keys {
template <typename... MetaArgs> struct keys_helper {
constexpr static auto keys =
constexpr static auto value =
using type = std::decay_t<decltype(value)>;
template <typename T, typename ObjKeys> struct key_wrapper {
// Unpack the first member of T
template <typename P, typename I> struct check_helper;
template <typename Name, size_t... i>
struct check_helper<Name, std::index_sequence<i...>> {
static_assert(!(sl::compare<Name>(std::get<i>(ObjKeys::value)) ||
"Cannot add member which is already in type.");
constexpr static auto check = check_helper<
std::tuple_element_t<0, T>,
std::make_index_sequence<std::tuple_size_v<typename ObjKeys::type>>>{};
constexpr static auto value = std::tuple_cat(T{}, ObjKeys::value);
using type = std::decay_t<decltype(value)>;
template <typename KeyT, typename ValueT>
struct labeled_container {
template <typename Name>
auto &get(Name &&) {
return std::get<associative_access<KeyT, Name>::value>(values);
constexpr static auto keys = KeyT::value;
ValueT values;
using key_type = KeyT;
using value_type = ValueT;
/* Type synthesis utilities
* */
// base case
template <typename T> struct synthesized_type {
using MetaObj = reflexpr(T);
using tuple_type =
template <char... Pack> auto &get(sl::string_literal<Pack...> &&p) {
// delegate
return members.get(std::forward<sl::string_literal<Pack...>>(p));
// Now, we must operate on the members.
labeled_container<object_keys<MetaObj>, tuple_type> members;
using key_type = typename decltype(members)::key_type;
using value_type = tuple_type;
template <typename T, typename... Operations> struct synthesize_type;
// TODO: recursion is bad for compile time performance
template <typename T, typename Operator, typename... Operations>
struct synthesize_type<T, Operator, Operations...> {
using result = typename Operator::template apply<
typename synthesize_type<T, Operations...>::result>;
constexpr synthesize_type(Operator&&, Operations&&...) { }
template <typename T> struct synthesize_type<T> {
using result = synthesized_type<T>;
/* Operations for synthesizing types
* */
// Add a member of type T and name Name
template <typename FieldType> struct add_member {
constexpr add_member(const string_literal& name) {
template <typename T, typename TupleT> struct meta_tuple_cat;
template <typename T, typename... TupleArgs>
struct meta_tuple_cat<T, std::tuple<TupleArgs...>> {
using type = std::tuple<T, TupleArgs...>;
template <typename T>
using apply = labeled_container<
key_wrapper<std::tuple<PackIndex>, typename T::key_type>,
typename meta_tuple_cat<Field, typename T::value_type>::type>;
template <typename PackIndex> struct remove_member {
template <typename T> using removed = remove_at_key<T, PackIndex>;
// compile time error if field is not in T
template <typename T>
using apply =
labeled_container<typename removed<T>::keys, typename removed<T>::values>;
template <typename T, typename S> decltype(auto) access(T &&t, S &&s) {
return t.get(std::forward<S>(s));
} // namespace type_synthesis