Blocks websites that publish fake news, and hides their posts on Facebook.
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Blocks websites that publish fake news:

Screenshot of Stop the Bullshit

Hides their posts on Facebook:

Video of Stop the Bullshit

Also includes a clustering analysis that could lead to an algorithm to automatically detect Fake News.


stop-the-bullshit aims to stop these websites:

[...] fake news = spam sites built from scripts consisting largely of a backcatalog nonsense stories ("Pope endorses Putin for US Presidential Election") with a one or two carefully produced fake stories as a "payload", instead of a purchasing call-to-action like other webspam sites.

I don't and won't care about websites that stretch the truth to accommodate an agenda, whichever the agenda. I also won't include satire websites, because my objective isn't teaching critical thinking, it's just filtering some spam.


Jacopo Notarstefano (@Jaconotar)