@jacques jacques Jacques Marneweck

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    Abusetool is a tool for managing abuse (spam, dictionary attacks against wordpress blogs, etc.). This is the abuse tool I wish Joyent had which I've started working on to handle the abuse issues at TextDrive (the Shared Hosting business spun out of Joyent). This is a Work In Progress (WIP) to start automating part of the abuse verification and m…

    Updated Jan 9, 2014

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    Various 'admin scripts' that generally lurk under /usr/local/admin-scripts/ - these are being converted to work with OpenSolaris over time.

    Updated May 9, 2012


    forked from appdotnet/api-spec

    App.net stream API spec. We're building a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. Help us create the service we all wish existed.

    Updated Aug 12, 2012


    forked from pijewski/arcstat

    uses Perl to extract, format, and display kstats from the ZFS ARC

    Updated Feb 4, 2011


    Ataris Framework Code (extracted and cleaned up bits)

    Updated Mar 6, 2012


    ataris.co.za website rewritten for serving on the smart platform

    Created Jul 3, 2009

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    forked from riverbedstingray/automation

    This repository provides example shell scripts that can be used to automate deployment of Stingray Traffic Manager.

    Updated Sep 5, 2012

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    Various backup scripts for Kaizen Garden users to use on Kaizen Gardens Shared Hosting service on SmartOS. They can also be used for backing up data on TextDrive's legacy Shared Hosting, Joyent SmartMachines (or SDC/SmartOS SmartMachines at Telefonica, ZCloud, etc.)

    Updated Jun 12, 2014

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    Base express with mysql and passport for authentication application

    Updated Oct 18, 2014

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    forked from MaxCDN/bootstrap-cdn

    Free Bootstrap hosting on MaxCDN's Content Delivery Network

    Updated Oct 16, 2015


    FreeBSD Traffic Accounting Tools

    Updated May 26, 2008


    forked from jamis/bucketwise

    A web-based personal finance manager with a focus on non-OCD budgeting and avoiding credit card debt

    Updated Jul 30, 2010

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    forked from joyent/bugview

    smartos.org/bugview etc

    Updated Jun 27, 2014


    Digg has a bunch of web servers. One of the problems with running a bunch of web servers is that you sometimes need to get information from each one individually. Or maybe you need to run operations on each one individually. For instance, we use APC to cache configurations and other data. Without restarting Apache we can use Butler to clear conf…

    Updated Mar 6, 2009

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    forked from chartjs/Chart.js

    Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

    Updated Mar 19, 2013


    Confluence cookbook for Chef - takes my install-confluence.sh script from a few years back into a chef cookbook

    Updated May 9, 2012


    Crowd cookbook for Chef - takes my install-crowd.sh script from a few years back into a chef cookbook

    Updated May 9, 2012


    Installs and configures ELK and components on Joyent SmartOS

    Updated Jun 28, 2016


    JIRA cookbook for Chef - takes my install-jira.sh script from a few years back into a chef cookbook

    Updated May 9, 2012


    forked from chef/chef

    A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

    Updated Sep 13, 2012


    forked from phlipper/chef-percona

    Chef cookbooks for Percona MySQL components

    Updated Nov 10, 2013


    An attempt at getting a pkgin provider for Chef for installing pkgsrc binary packages on SmartOS using chef

    Updated May 9, 2012


    Fixes numerous annoying bugs in Chef that the opscode guys are not interested in fixing for SmartOS, OpenSolaris and various IllumOS distributions.

    Updated Oct 15, 2012


    forked from edelight/chef-solo-search

    Data bag search for Chef Solo

    Updated Apr 18, 2013


    Cookbook for Virtualmin for use on Joyent SmartMachines

    Updated May 9, 2012


    Chefweb is some php bits that spews json output for use with chef-solo (most likely will move this over to a node.js based restify app at some point)

    Updated Jul 26, 2013


    forked from jsierles/chef_cookbooks_deprecated

    Opinionated chef recipes for Ubuntu/Debian. Manage nginx, unicorn, UNIX user accounts, postgresql, and more!

    Updated Dec 21, 2012


    forked from civicrm/civicrm-core

    CiviCRM (Core Application and Framework)

    Updated Jul 7, 2014

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    Common templates shared over piranha, hermes, plutus, basecamp, etc.

    Updated Aug 2, 2016