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Vimfluence - Edit Confluence with Vim (or some other editor)
Free yourself from the shackles of WYSIWYG and TextArea wiki editors. Reach
unheralded levels of productivity by editing your Confluence wiki with the
most powerful text editor known to mankind: Vim!
(You can use less powerful editors as well.)
- (Optional) For confluence wiki syntax highlighting in Vim, download and
install the confluencewiki syntax plugin from
- Vimfluence uses the values in WIKI_EDITOR, VISUAL, or EDITOR to select the
editor. If none of these are set, Vimfluence defaults to the most powerful
editor known to makind.
- Edit your "~/.profile" to set the wiki path:
export WIKI_URL="" # edit for your wiki path
- Drop `vimfluence` somewhere in your path.
- Create a "~/.netrc" file with your wiki url and login/password. Change the
permission to 0600.
password mypassword
- Run vimfluence: `vimfluence MySpace "My Wiki Page"`
- If you consistently editing pages in a particular Confluence space you might
like an alias like this:
alias devwiki="WIKI_URL= vimfluence dev"
- Alternatively you can also call `vimfluence` like this:
which can be handy for a quick cut 'n paste from the browser.
Oh and...
You're Welcome!