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Shower Slideshow!

Built using middleman and shower (

How to Install

First install middleman

gem install middleman

Then install the middleman-shower template (installs to ~/.middleman/shower)

mkdir -p ~/.middleman
cd ~/.middleman
git clone git:// shower

you only need to do this once. Update the git repo every once in a while to grab the latest template

cd ~/.middleman/shower
git pull

How to use

This will allow you to create a new project using the shower slideshow template

middleman init my_new_slideshow --template=shower

Learn more about middleman here:

How to Build

middleman build

this outputs the build folder to build/, copy this to any static folder to deploy your slideshow

Pull for Git

rake pull

Push updates to Git

rake push

Deploy to Github

rake github:deploy

All in One (pulls, push's, redeploys)

rake deploy


See it here:

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