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+[Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing]( is an encoding that removes all 0 bytes
+from arbitrary binary data. The encoded data consists only of bytes with values from 0x01 to 0xFF. This is useful for preparing data for
+transmission over a serial link (RS-232 or RS-485 for example), as the 0 byte can be used to unambiguously indicate packet boundaries. COBS
+also has the advantage of adding very little overhead (at least 1 byte, plus up to an additional byte per 254 bytes of data). For messages
+smaller than 254 bytes, the overhead is constant.
+This is an implementation of COBS for C. It is designed to be both efficient and robust. The code is implemented in modern C99. The decoder
+is designed to detect malformed input data and report an error upon detection. A test suite is included to validate the encoder and decoder.
+For more information, see my blog bost on [Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing](

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