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Add Remote -> default_branch #120

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@jacquesg Remote.xs: Rename create_inmemory to create_anonymous dffae9d
@jacquesg Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to CFLAGS b943965
@jacquesg Changes: update 8009784
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update 23e63e2
@ghedo ghedo v0.33
 - Fix segfaults caused by invalid object creation (GH#66) (thanks, @pipcet!)
 - Add Config -> default() method (GH#67) (thanks, @magnolia-k!)
 - Do not fail when a lightweight tag is found in the Tag->foreach() callback
   (GH#68) (thanks, @pipcet!)
 - Add Tree::Entry -> file_mode() method (GH#69) (thanks, @pipcet!)
 - Repository -> merge() now takes %merge_opts and %checkout_opts as 2
   separate parameters. (incompatible change) (GH#70)
 - Merge options parameter member 'automerge' has been renamed to 'favor',
   inline with libgit2 API changes. (incompatible changes) (GH#70)
   It has also learned about a 'union' merge.
 - Checkout options has learned new options: 'target_directory', 'ancestor_label',
   'our_label' and 'their_label'. (GH#70)
 - Checkout strategy has additional options: (GH#70)
   'use_ours', 'use_theirs', 'skip_locked_directories', 'dont_overwrite_ignored',
   'conflict_style_merge', 'conflict_style_diff3' and 'disable_pathspec_match'.
 - Added new Repository methods (#GH70):
    + Repository -> merge_analysis()
    + Repository -> merge_base()
 - Added new Index methods (#GH70):
    + Index -> write_tree_to()
    + Index -> checkout()
    + Index -> entries()
    + Index -> add_conflict()
    + Index -> remove_conflict()
 - Added new Commit method (#GH70):
    + Commit -> merge()
 - Added new Tree method (#GH70):
    + Tree -> merge()
 - Index -> add() now either takes a path or a Index::Entry (GH#70)
 - Remote->create_inmemory() has been replaced by Remote->create_anonymous()
   (incompatible change) (GH#71).
   The order of 'url' and 'fetchspec' has also been reversed to bring it
   inline with the upstream changes.
 - Update libgit2 to bcc6229
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Added message() method d2b4f3b
@jacquesg Reference.xs: Added shorthand(), is_tag() and is_note() methods 6741d41
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update 65eb773
@ghedo ghedo something weird happened... 8b10f9d
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Enable libgit2 threads d45d7e0
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update b51a6c4
@jacquesg Merge commit '5e2907110873c809e15685a7289d628e4fbd1301' into update-l…
@jacquesg 15-merge.t: Updated test cases to check for conflict markers in MERGE…
@ghedo ghedo Branch.xs: use GIT_BRANCH_ALL 7afd21f
@jacquesg Push.xs: Added callbacks() method 01aa661
@jacquesg 19-push.t: Added Push tests 9dbcd50
@jacquesg Updated documentation df7fd10
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update bffc14f
@jacquesg Merge commit 'ad70c8754e68a10db8ae137b159ec0c9ec0f0590' into ssh-inte…
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Cleanup: Give methods static linkage dc5813e
@jacquesg Do a better job of detecting libssh2
Ideally we want the use to be able to specify the location of the
library when running `perl Makefile.PL` if required.
@jacquesg Add new warnings flags introduced upstream for OS X 09826e2
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Make 'credentials' callback a member of 'callbacks' to…
… bring it inline with docs
@jacquesg 10-clone.t: Don't check all the states, just check that we had state …
@jacquesg Cred.xs: Added SSH interactive authentication via sshinteractive() 7d181f9
@jacquesg Push.xs: Added missing update_tips() method 18aa434
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update 7084196
@jacquesg Repository.xs: merge_base() should fail if sv_isobject is false 93e01a6
@jacquesg Merge commit '82cb44147f6385a19ffa4ffc5042e9d3eecb7488' into branch-g…
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Allow branches() to return a specific type of branch a6b9f97
@jacquesg Fix commit() documentation e397f70
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Check type for new working directory in workdir() db9b385
@jacquesg Use a different counter for counting and iterating
Some values may be undefined, resulting in an infinite loop.
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Added is_head_detached() 1fd1628
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update 3c03739
@jacquesg Repository.xs: tree parameter to diff() may be undefined 02bf5db
@ghedo ghedo Changes: update b0a94b9
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Added more diff flags b629232
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #86) e46898a
@jacquesg Merge branch 'branch-granularity' of i…
…nto jacquesg-branch-granularity
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #85) 004c608
@jacquesg RefSpec.xs: Added missing methods d0c33cf
@jacquesg Remote.xs: Added pushurl(), clear_refspecs(), refspecs(), refspec_cou…
…nt(), check_cert(), fetch()
@jacquesg 07-remote.t: Added refspec tests d8ddb18
@jacquesg Remote.xs: Added is_url_valid() and is_url_supported() fa6af85
@jacquesg Changes: update 2166b8b
@jacquesg Branch.xs: Added upstream_name() and remote_name() 8c40f3a
@jacquesg Branch.xs: upstream() should return undef if there isn't one.
The created reference should also take the repository in as magic,
seeing that Git::Raw::Reference -> target() requires it via git_obj_to_sv().
@jacquesg Merge branch 'jacquesg-branch-names' da80854
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #84) 451f96f
@jacquesg Repository.xs: merge_base() now accepts a commitish 070a3a0
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Introduce git_sv_to_commitish 205a567
@jacquesg Graph.xs: Added is_ancestor_od Commit.xs: Added ancestor() 85342d8
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #88) 9e32677
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Cleanup 5dec02c
@jacquesg Fix typo in example fd6852a
@jacquesg Reduce boilerplate 8d122e3
@jacquesg Diff.xs: Add find_similar() 1a24865
@jacquesg Diff/Stats.xs: Added insertions(), deletions(), files_changed() and b…
@jacquesg Added travis image to GitHub page ea0a45f
@jacquesg Install openssh-client and openssh-server.
Required for SSH based credential testing
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #77) 0266218
@jacquesg PathSpec.xs: Added support 22bba4e
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #89) b942565
@jacquesg 08-branch.t: Allow for some a 1-2 second time difference when compari…
…ng the commit time against the current signature
@jacquesg Changes: update ba9eb23
@jacquesg Travis: Build perl 5.19 7ea06d2
@jacquesg Setup authorized_keys for tests 89cd632
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Return the underlying credentials object 5a48b2a
@jacquesg Cred.xs: A passphrase for the private key is optional 4d9e86f
@jacquesg 10-clone.t: Added sshkey() test case cae85fc
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Set G_EVAL when invoking the credentials callback. 760ab4e
@jacquesg 10-clone.t: Added tests for bad credentials 9828b10
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Plug call_sv leaks b6c0c9c
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Introduce git_ensure_pv a673161
@jacquesg Cred.xs: Perform stricter type validation 41fcf96
@jacquesg Change: update (closes #90) 0812f0c
@jacquesg Merge commit 'da07a1006c40707e14ba4e5f06b729409c3297d2' a4c3a14
@jacquesg Rename 'progress' callback to 'sideband_progress' ac0d578
@jacquesg Upstream changes. git_diff_stats_to_buf now takes a width parameter 5f457d7
@jacquesg Changes: update 5cb169f
@jacquesg Walker.xs: Add support for push_range() be64304
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Introduce git_ensure_pv_with_len 6bf4c5f
@jacquesg General cleanup 8c1d983
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #91) 96ae75f
@jacquesg Platform specific checks should be run in Makefile.PL c…
…ontext, not
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #91) 691ae3e
@jacquesg v0.34
 - Add Repository -> message() method (GH#72) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Add Reference methods (GH#73) (thanks, @jacquesg!):
    + Reference -> shorthand()
    + Reference -> is_tag()
    + Reference -> is_note()
 - Enable libgit2 threading support (GH#74) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Add support for push callbacks (GH#75) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Update to libgit2 4f9d541 (GH#76) (GH#78) (GH#85) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Add support for SSH interactive login (GH#78) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Add Push -> update_tips() method (GH#79) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Make clone tests more robust (GH#79) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Add Repository -> is_head_detached() (GH#83) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Allow "tree" parameter to be undef in Repository -> tree()
   (GH#81) (thanks, @jacquesg!)
 - Added additional diff flags (GH#86):
    + include_typechange
    + include_typechange_trees
    + ignore_case
    + skip_binary_check
    + enable_fast_untracked_dirs
    + show_untracked_content
    + show_unmodified
 - Repository -> branches() now takes an optional branch
    type argument (GH#85)
 - Add Remote methods (GH#87):
    + Remote -> pushurl()
    + Remote -> check_cert()
    + Remote -> clear_refspecs()
    + Remote -> refspec_count()
    + Remote -> refspecs()
    + Remote -> fetch()
    + Remote -> is_url_valid()
    + Remote -> is_url_supported()
 - Add RefSpec methods (GH#87):
    + RefSpec -> dst_matches()
    + RefSpec -> src_matches()
    + RefSpec -> string()
    + RefSpec -> direction()
    + RefSpec -> transform()
    + RefSpec -> rtransform()
    + RefSpec -> is_force()
 - Add Branch methods (GH#84):
    + Branch -> remote_name()
    + Branch -> upstream_name()
 - The Reference returned by Branch -> remote() now has enough information
    to be used as a real Reference. Previously it didn't capture the owning
    Repository. (GH#84)
 - Add Commit methods (GH#88):
    + Commit -> ancestor()
 - Add Graph methods (GH#88):
    + Graph -> is_ancestor_of()
 - Repository -> merge_base() now accepts a "commitish" (GH#88)
 - Add Diff methods (GH#77):
    + Diff -> find_similar()
    + Diff -> stats()
 - Add Diff::Stats methods (GH#77):
    + Diff::Stats -> insertions()
    + Diff::Stats -> deletions()
    + Diff::Stats -> files_changed()
    + Diff::Stats -> buffer()
 - Add PathSpec methods (GH#89):
    + PathSpec -> new()
    + PathSpec -> match()
 - Add PathSpec::MatchList methods (GH#89):
    + PathSpec::MatchList -> count()
    + PathSpec::MatchList -> entries()
    + PathSpec::MatchList -> failed_count()
    + PathSpec::MatchList -> failed_entries()
 - Fixed branch test cases:
    There may be a 1-2 second difference in time between commiting and
	comparing against the current signature.
 - Fixed internal callback leaks (GH#90)
 - Cred -> sshkey() now doesn't require a passphrase (GH#90)
 - 'progress' callback for Repository -> clone() and Remote -> set_callbacks()
    has been renamed to 'sideband_progress' (incompatible change).
 - Add Walker methods (GH#91):
    + Walker -> push_range()
 - Compiler options should be determined in Makefile.PL context (GH#91)
    Fixes problems building a 32-bit perl on a 64-bit system
@jacquesg longsize is always 4-bytes on Windows b5ff079
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Fix warnings when printing size_t's 85470a0
@jacquesg Fix declaration after statement warnings 4f4e79b
@jacquesg 19-push.t: Fix Windows specific test case failures 17cb5a2
@jacquesg 09-diff.t: Set core.autocrlf to true for diff tests 22143b3
@jacquesg Support building with MSVC compiler 669dc05
@jacquesg Support SunPro compiler 35e1fff
@jacquesg 07-remote.t: Only run is_url_supported() tests if network testing is …
@jacquesg Raw.xs: strlen() coredumps on Solaris with a NULL pointer 82ce38a
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Introduce git_ensure_iv ba0c635
@jacquesg Improve type checking 89c22b6
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Silence Visual Studio specific warnings if required 7e6e8b4
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #93) de27c95
@jacquesg Allow the user to specify which OpenSSL and/or libssh2 …
…to use
@jacquesg 10-clone.t: skip SSH clone tests on Windows, it doesn't have an SSH s…
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #94) 7f150cb
@jacquesg 16-reflog.t: Improve reliability of time-dependent tests 3d73903
@jacquesg Changes: update f1b736e
@jacquesg v0.35
 - Added support for building with compilers other than gcc/clang (GH #93):
    + Windows: MSVC
    + Solaris: SunPro
 - Silenced a number of warnings (GH #93)
 - libgit2 is now built with the correct bits setting when building a 32-bit
    version on a 64-bit system (GH #93)
 - Remote -> is_url_supported() test cases only run when network testing
    is enabled. (GH #93)
 - Set core.autocrlf to "true" in the test repository for diff tests. This
    fixes test cases failures on Windows (GH #93)
 - Use file:/// on Windows for local push tests. (GH #93)
 - Users can now specify the OpenSSL and/or libssh2 to use as argument
    to Makefile.PL (GH #94):
    + --with-openssl-include
    + --with-openssl-libs
    + --with-libssh2-include
    + --with-libssh2-lib
 - Improve reliability of time-dependent tests
@jacquesg Append custom CCFLAGS to current CCFLAGS 4c2c627
@jacquesg Don't enable threads when using the SunPro compiler (ev…
…en if we have pthreads)
@jacquesg Run coverage tests as part of the build 6e3857b
@jacquesg Added Coveralls badge 16c645a
@jacquesg Merge pull request #95 from ghedo/code-coverage
Run coverage tests
@jacquesg .travis.yml: Added --quiet to cpanm cd8d4f2
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Added 'hard' reset type to reset() 4abab7b
@jacquesg Config.xs: Cleanup unused code 8673883
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Fix potential infinite loop if an undefined entry is found baf1c27
@jacquesg Removed unused 'completion' callback f1f0c29
@jacquesg General cleanup e3f2653
@jacquesg Improve test coverage 76cb876
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #96) 42e41e2
@jacquesg Update to libgit2 '89e9c1674c3a32758e31c400609b6f4351bbde4c' be7ddc5
@jacquesg Changes: update 15f3702
@jacquesg 20-pathspec.t: Update test case due to pattern matching rule changes …
…in libgit2
@jacquesg Changes: update 88607c6
@jacquesg v0.36
 - Repository -> reset() now understands a 'hard' reset (GH #96)
 - Removed the unused/unimplemented 'completion' callback type from Repository
   and Remote (GH #96)
 - Update libgit2 to 89e9c16
 - Threaded libgit2 is now disabled when using the SunPro compiler (even with pthreads)
 - Should now build on older versions of MidnightBSD and Cygwin
 - Hopefully now builds against libssh2 if its available on OpenBSD
@jacquesg Index.xs: Added update_all()
- Allow read() to be forced
- Remove add_conflict()
@jacquesg Cleanup:
- Also improved test coverage
- Don't treat GIT_ITEROVER specially. It's a return code, not an error code
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Added cherry_pick() and revert() 2894cef
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Added features() 4ea1b51
@jacquesg Changes: update (closes #97) 6ddd86d
@jacquesg Link in librt on GNU/kFreeBSD 2047839
@jacquesg 21-cherrypick.t: Fix typo 749c066
@jacquesg 09-diff.t: Remove erroneous my 465b5fb
@jacquesg Cleanup whitespace issues e9e28d1
@jacquesg Merge commit 'deff66667d5d905666e46d0b44190a8fb77d947a' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg 01-repo.t: Refresh is no longer needed e0280d2
@jacquesg 15-merge.t: Removing commit squash test case. It's no longer valid to
update a ref when creating a commit in a non-fastforward way.
@jacquesg Changes: update 9d88992
@jacquesg Added additional index methods:
- add_all
- remove_all
- path
- capabilities
@jacquesg Changes: update 265a9fb
@jacquesg Update travis badge location ce35194
@jacquesg Update coveralls badge location b1cbbf8
@jacquesg Use auto generated error constants. Now croak with real error objects. c4c125b
@jacquesg Documentation formatting fixes 599b3df
@jacquesg Remove constants from Filter. They are now in the Error namespace 4540a6a
@jacquesg Changes: update 3e4f9fe
@jacquesg Merge commit 'e51a69233fd302b8f516bb87c3a35ea2285d34e1' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Repository.xs: git_merge_analysis() signature change 5fd5b26
@jacquesg Changes: update 45bdb43
@jacquesg v0.37
 - Removed Index -> add_conflict() (Incompatible change) (GH#97)
 - Index -> read() now takes an optional force argument (GH#97)
 - Added Raw -> features() method. This may be used to query the features
    built into libgit2 (and thus Git::Raw).
 - Added Repository methods (GH#97):
    + Repository -> cherry_pick()
    + Repository -> revert()
 - Update libgit2 to df19219 (GH#99,GH#102)
 - Added Index methods (GH#100):
    + Index -> capabilities()
    + Index -> path()
    + Index -> add_all()
    + Index -> remove_all()
 - Improved documentation (GH#101)
 - Improved the error model (GH#101)
    All errors are now Git::Raw::Error objects. Extended error information
	provided by libgit2 may be queried (code/category/message) via the
	corresponding accessor. All existing code should continue to work as is
	(via "" and bool overloads).
 - Added Error methods (GH#101):
	+ Error -> code()
	+ Error -> category()
	+ Error -> message()
 - Removed constants from Filter (Incompatible change) (GH#101):
   They are now located in the Error namespace.
@jacquesg 02-commit.t: Normalize paths. Fixes Windows test case failure 91efd5c
@jacquesg Don't set -m32 for ARM architectures 0546eb5
@jacquesg Changes: update 6a52519
@jacquesg Documentation fixes 6dfacfa
@jacquesg v0.38
 - Fixed Windows specific path comparison test case
 - (Possibly) Fix cross-compilation issues with ARM architectures
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Undefine possibly defined Windows constants b1f7990
@jacquesg 02-commit.t: Really fix Windows path issue a1290d0
@jacquesg Changes: update 047e6b5
@jacquesg v0.39
 - Fixed Windows specific path comparison test case (verified this time)
@jacquesg Raw.xs: Prefer GIT_NEW_OBJ_WITH_MAGIC to a hand-rolled version ed2601d
@jacquesg Tag.xs: Don't assume a tag has a tagger bcada0d
@jacquesg Changes: update 8f85ca7
@jacquesg v0.40
 - Tag -> tagger() now returns undef if a tag doesn't have a tagger instead
    of crashing (GH#103, GH#104)
@jacquesg Merge commit 'ecdb6306dd6ad6b2fe09648cdd0adcea2cd02f7f' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Remote.xs: name() now optionally takes a list to store rename problems c3df219
@jacquesg Don't include libgit2 meta files in release 03c58d3
@jacquesg Changes: update e660a31
@jacquesg Merge commit 'c3686856bc9aa97424fc96cb85b9485e9ad15df9' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Raw.xs: libgit2 now requires the user to include libssh2 6122bac
@jacquesg 15-merge.t: Added missing state_cleanup call 25707f5
@jacquesg Repository.xs: clone() changes
Added 'remote_create' callback
Removed 'ignore_cert_errors' and 'remote_name' options
@jacquesg 10-clone.t: Updated tests d918d4b
@jacquesg Updated clone() documentation ec0500e
@jacquesg Try and be smarter about compiler options
* (Try) to support ActivePerl builds
@jacquesg Changes: update bc5aa2d
@jacquesg Build WinHTTP on Windows 64da67f
@jacquesg travis: build with perl 5.20 ec83851
@jacquesg Merge commit '29fe659b35df78c65841de2ce614c6324203600c' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Minor fixes due to libgit2 upgrade
@jacquesg Revert "Build WinHTTP on Windows" (libgit2 not quite ready yet)
This reverts commit 64da67f.
@jacquesg Changes: update ae218c4
@jacquesg Repository.xs: More granular status() cebb8b9
@jacquesg Updated status() documentation 9dc07a4
@jacquesg Changes: update 4179c9e
@jacquesg Changes: update 3700a17
@jacquesg v0.41
 - Update libgit2 to 59e3f45 (GH#105)
 - Remote -> name() now accepts an optional "problems" parameter
 - Repository -> clone() options no longer accepts 'remote_name' and
    'ignore_cert_errors' options (Incompatible change) (GH#105)
 - Added Repository -> clone() callbacks (GH#105):
    + remote_create
 - Diff::File -> mode() and Diff::Delta -> status() return value(s) changed:
    - "new" to "unreadable" (Incompatible change)
 - Repository -> status() now takes options (GH#106) (Incompatible change):
    - Options are mandatory.
    - Pathspec matching is no longer auto-disabled if a list of files is
	  specified. It is up to the user to disable it via the "flags" parameter.
    - "worktree_unreadable" may now be returned as a status flag.
 - Try to support ActiveState PPM builds
    - Most Unices should build now
    - Windows 32-bit will never build as the MSVC6 is too dated.
    - Windows 64-bit should build, but will not work. As soon as
	  libgit2/libgit2#2471 is merged, it should work.
@jacquesg Minor documentation fixes a67f701
@jacquesg Documentation typo fixes a3b6dd7
@jacquesg Added missing owner() methods 0cb90c2
@jacquesg Added owner() to documentation cba86bf
@jacquesg Declare libssh2 compatible structs before including git2.h cada1fa
@jacquesg Skip SSH network tests if SSH support is not available 4d0a8a0
@jacquesg Merge branch 'jacquesg/owners' 80f1156
@jacquesg Changes: update 073bf60
@jacquesg Branch.xs: lookup(), upstream_name() and remote_name() shouldn't cons…
…ider a missing branch or remote as an error
@jacquesg Clarify documentation 6dd279f
@jacquesg Changes: update 12dd1c1
@jacquesg Merge commit '78cf54586fab8db82589f738d4b16aa81e23222c' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Changes: update eff2914
@jacquesg Blob, Commit, Tag or Tree that cannot be found should return undef 884952e
@jacquesg Changes: update f88a099
@jacquesg Merge commit '9f0d25d3b58a7fbd568496e01061e806486096fb' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Tree.xs: entry_byname() and entry_bypath() should return undef if the…
… entry cannot be found
@jacquesg Changes: update 31881c9
@jacquesg Merge branch 'jacquesg/update-libgit2' 42889e6
@jacquesg Changes: update 0d40188
@jacquesg Reference.xs: Added peel() 7c59b54
@jacquesg Changes: update 17b8fa6
@jacquesg Reflog.xs: Added entry_count()
* entries() now takes an optional index and count parameter
@jacquesg Documentation fixes 172272d
@jacquesg Changes: update cbb9e5a
@jacquesg Repository.xs: merge_base() should return undef if a merge base canno…
…t be found
@jacquesg Changes: update 7c28a57
@jacquesg v0.42
 - Added Blob methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Added Commit methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Added Index methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Added Remote methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Added Tag methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Added Tree methods (GH#108):
    + owner
 - Branch -> lookup(), upstream_name() and remote_name() used to consider
    a missing branch or remote as an error. They now return undef instead of
	die'ing. (Incompatible change) (GH#109)
 - Update libgit2 to 8f759ac (GH#112)
 - Repository -> lookup(), Commit -> lookup(), Blob -> lookup(), Tree -> lookup
    and Tag -> lookup() used to consider a missing object as an error. They
	now return undef instead of die'ing. (Incompatible change) (GH#110)
 - Tree -> entry_byname(), entry_bypath() used to consider a missing entry as
    an error. They now return undef instead of die'ing. (Incompatible change)
 - Repository -> merge_base() used to consider a missing merge base as an error.
    It now returns undef instead of die'ing. (Incompatible change)
 - Added Reference methods (GH#113)
    + peel
 - Reflog -> entries() now take an optional index and count argument. (GH#114)
 - Added Reflog methods (GH#114):
    + entry_count
 - Documentation and example fixes.
@jacquesg Documentation fixes 1e62e9a
@jacquesg Try to enable C99 for Solaris 9 d2412ce
@jacquesg Index.xs: Added find() 03bffc6
@jacquesg Changes: update 9372074
@jacquesg Branch.xs: Allow association of an upstream (remote-tracking) branch c1ae48c
@jacquesg Changes: update 42711de
@jacquesg Reference.xs: Return undef if the reference cannot be found
* Also try a little bit harder to find the reference (dwim)
@jacquesg travis.yml: set git user and email 3ee4507
@jacquesg Changes: update d1770c2
@jacquesg Reflog.xs: Make a reflog entry a first-class citizen 28afc09
@jacquesg Changes: update 6fa0dee
@jacquesg Repository.xs: Added detach_head()
* head() and detach_head() now take an optional reflog message to be used
@jacquesg Changes: update 5aff468
@jacquesg 02-commit.t: Added tests for detach_head() dc3fe5a
@jacquesg Documentation formatting fixes 16573ff
@jacquesg v0.43
 - Added Index methods:
    + find
 - Branch -> upstream() can now set/clear the upstream reference (GH#115)
 - Reference -> lookup() used to consider a missing reference as an error.
    It now returns undef instead of die'ing. (Incompatible change) (GH#116)
 - Reference -> lookup() now tries harder to find a reference (GH#116)
 - Reflog -> entries() now return real objects (Incompatible change) (GH#117)
 - Added Repository methods (GH#118):
    + detach_head
 - Repository -> head() now accepts an optional message parameter (GH#118)
@jacquesg Documentation fixes 2354d56
@jacquesg Use File::Slurp::Tiny 9697c2b
@jacquesg 16-reflog.t: Allow for some time drift b1cf76e
@jacquesg Merge commit 'd99d30e4ed1c97b10a2e8dcda8d2c92c5c109135' into jacquesg…
@jacquesg Remote.xs: Added default_branch() 39aa497

Coverage Status

Coverage decreased (-0.02%) when pulling 39aa497 on jacquesg/update-libgit2 into b1cf76e on master.

@jacquesg jacquesg merged commit 39aa497 into master
@jacquesg jacquesg deleted the jacquesg/update-libgit2 branch
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