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-Static Site is a content management system hosted on Amazon's S3 and administered from S3 through a Javascript client.
-It includes security and hopefully will provide many features other traditional content management systems provide.
+Client-side-only HTML5 content management system for S3
+Static Site, or S2, is an HTML5 content management system hosted completely from Amazon S3.
+Websites are administered and pages are edited directly on S3 through a Javascript client.
+There is no server-side component other than your S3 bucket.
+S2 includes security and provides many features other traditional content management systems provide such as templates.
+[AES]( is used to securely store your S3 key and secret so
+a memorable username and password may be used instead. Web pages are rendered in-memory using Javascript templating and
+stored to their rightful location in S3.
**Still under development. Right now the most you can do is register your user account and later sign in.**
@@ -43,9 +52,10 @@ content-type appropriately, e.g. text/html, text/css, text/js):
* error.html
* admin/index.html
* admin/css/admin.css
-* admin/js/admin.js
+* admin/js/app.js
+* admin/js/login.js
* admin/login.html
-* admin/dashboard.html
+* admin/index.html
You should be able to go to the url and be presented with the login
page. Click Register and put in your info, then you'll be taken to the blank dashboard page. Later you can come here

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