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A Modern Playstation 1 emulator.

If you have any questions just catch me on Twitter (@JaCzekanski) or create an Issue. There is also Discord server.


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Travis CI (Linux) Build Status
AppVeyor (Windows x86) Build status Windows x86 - develop
AppVeyor (Windows x64) Build status Windows x64 - develop

Note: x64 build requires AVX compatible processor

Despite this emulator being in early development, some 3D games can run. Game compability list

There is currently no SPU (no sound except simple in-game Audio CDs) or MDEC (black screen instead of movies). The timer implementation does not function properly (games fail to boot or run at wrong speed).


Avocado requires the BIOS from real console in the data/bios directory. Selection of a BIOS rom will be required on the first run. The rom can be changed under Options->BIOS or by modifying the config.json file.

Avocado doesn't support fast booting. UniROM can be used as a work around. Place the .rom file in the data/bios directory and modify config.json:

"extension": "data/bios/unirom_caetlaNTSC_plugin.rom"

Press the Start button (Enter by default) to fastboot, or R2 (keypad *) to slowboot a game. You can run the included Playstation firmware replacement Caetla with the Select button (Right shift) then run the .exe directly from the disk.

To load a .cue/.bin/.img file just drag and drop it.


  • Space - pause/resume emulation
  • F1 - hide GUI
  • F2 - soft reset
  • F7 - single frame
  • Tab - disable framelimiting
  • Q - toggle full VRAM preview
  • R - dump RAM and SPU RAM to file

Avocado maps any Xbox360-like controller to the Playstation Controller. A keyboard can also be used (modify the keymap under Options->Controller).


Requirements (Windows):

> git clone https://github.com/JaCzekanski/Avocado.git
> cd avocado
> git submodule update --init --recursive
> premake5 vs2017

# Open Visual Studio solution and build it

See appveyor.yml in case of problems.


Use GitHub issue tracker to file bugs. Please attach Game ID, screenshots/video, BIOS and build version.

See Game compability list before creating a bug issue.