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mod_private_email - Store a users Email address without making it public

In XMPP the way of storing user information such as Email address often is via vCard services, that store information publicly searchable. In some situations this method could cause privacy issues, when a user dont want to publish their Email address, while still wanting to be able to use possible services where an Email address is required.

This module is a way of storing users Email addresses without causing any privacy issues by making them public.

It provides an Ad-hoc command (XEP-0050) interface which lets users on the server set or clear their Email addresses.

Building & Installation

To build mod_private_email simply run "make".

To install copy the content of the ebin/ directory into ejabberds ebin/ directory.


Here follows a sample configuration which lets any user on "example.net" store configure their privately stored Email addresses.

{access, mod_private_email, [{allow, {server, "example.net"}}, {deny, all}]}.

{module, [
    {mod_disco, []}, % Required by mod_adhoc
    {mod_adhoc, []}, % Required by mod_private_email
    {mod_private_email, []},


mod_private_email makes use of the mod_restful_register_registered hook in mod_restful to automatically add private email entries associated with the newly registered user.

A parameter email is to the mod_restful_register register request. If not added key, value-pair {private_email, not_set} pair is returned. If successful no extra return value is added.

In JSON a key, value pair {key, value} would look like {"key": "value"}.