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Trying to use this for deploying a fresh 2.3.1 cake app.
Does not work properly. It stops at deploy shared/system.
Seems to point wrongly to webroot.

Is this compatible at all with Cake 2.x?

I see there are many forks. would be nice if you could merge or update this so it works on current cake releases 👍


Hi @marton,

Sorry for the late reply.

I haven't been thoroughly testing it lately on the most recent version of CakePHP (deploying on Pagodabox lately), so I can't really tell. I will be doing some work on it soon though for a new project and make sure it's compatible with the latest version of CakePHP at that time.

I realize that this project grew more than I had first anticipated and love the fact that there are some forks of it. However, I have no time to browse through the forks and the pending pull requests have nothing for the most recent version(s) of CakePHP. If you know of any, let its owner submit the pull request and I'd be glad to merge it!

Finally, if you have done any changes to resolve the issue (since I replied so late), please share :)





I'd be interested in this too, @jadb. I'm looking for a better way for our team to deploy our apps and we're also on CakePHP 2.3.

Thanks for your work!

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