Introducing a core config namespace #8

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damusnet commented Mar 9, 2012

I reintroduced the ability to separate local core.php config file from production one in a cleaner way.

jadb commented Mar 13, 2012

Thanks, maybe I am missing something.

How are you separating the local core.php from the one being deployed exactly? I see that you are merely moving the core.php file tracked by the repo (which means the same one exists in your local clone) into the shared path. Maybe I am missing something?

Usually speaking, files that end up in the shared path are not tracked by the repo. In core.php case, the file wouldn't be tracked by the repo, another version of it like core.php.example would be tracked and a modified copy of it would be stored remotely in the shared path before symlink-ing to it from the latest deployed release.


Moving the core.php file tracked by the repo into the shared path only occurs at config time (first time) or if manually triggered. Then, at each deploy, the core.php file tracked by the repo will be deleted and a symlink will be created to the shared one. Same as for the database.php file actually, only without the config prompt. This means that you have to get your core.php file right before the first deploy, or manually change it afterwards, or manually update it.

@jadb jadb merged commit efeea99 into jadb:master Jan 29, 2016
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