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Pretty sure you can find better code anywhere. That said, do whatever you want. Call it yours, give it a name, pet it, feed it or chop it up for parts. Don't care.

===================================== Theoretically this mod "should" only require Forge. However it won't do much if just Forge is installed. When specific mods or ores or combinations are detected it will load the changes. I make no promises it will work outside my packs.

-----------Ore based changes:--------

  • if Tin is detected - adds tin recipe for buckets
  • if Aluminum or aluminium is detected it adds a bucket recipe
  • if copper is detected it adds a copper recipe for buckets

----------Mod based changes:----------

  • Botania + ExNihilo - removes Terraform wand (giant piles of dirt not good in skyblock)
  • ExtraUtilities + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper recipe for the basic builder's wand
  • Natura + AgriCraft - removes seed bags
  • Agricraft + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper journal recipe
  • Progressive Automation + Iguana Tweaks- adds a cobblegen upgrade recipe using clay buckets
  • BloodMagic + ExNihilo - adds spawn egg recipes
  • BloodMagic + HQM - adds a heart recipe
  • BloodMagic + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper sacrificial knife and altar recipe using flint
  • Harvestcraft+IguanaTinkerTweaks - adds claybucket recipe for fresh water
  • Harvestcraft + Botania - adds flour recipes to the botania mortar
  • Harvestcraft - adds a recipe for potato flour
  • MFR+ Thaumcraft or RedstoneArsenal or ThermalExpansion or TiConstruct or Botania in any combination - changes the machine upgrade recipes
  • ThermalExpansion - adds a recipe for Mithril ore
  • SolarFlux+ThermalExpansion - changes the mirror recipe to use silver
  • TinkersConstruct+ Thaumcraft - adds recipes for heart canisters
  • TConstruct+ExtraUtilities - makes spikes require a smeltery for metal
  • Harvestcraft + IguanaTinkerTweaks - makes the pot and saucepan use a smeltery for crafting.
  • TConstruct + AE2 - uses the wooden gear for making the gear cast.
  • Thaumcraft - adds a new aspect
  • Thaumcraft + RecallStones - changes the recall stone recipes to use arcane crafting
  • Thaumcraft + ExNihilo + ForbiddenMagic - adds crucible recipes for FM shards
  • Thaumcraft + CustomNpcs - adds recipes for some items, used for quests in AS2.

---------Vanilla Changes ----------

  • Different logs give different amounts of charcoal
  • If Forestry or Natura are installed it makes the changes to their log smelting recipes too.
  • If Thermal Expansion is installed it adds the changes to the RedstoneFurnace
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