The meta search-engine and web-OS that anyone can modify in real time.
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Another meta search-engine and web-OS that anyone can modify in real time.

Think YubNub (, but smaller and more of a work-in-progress.

Eunichx is running on right now.

What's the end-goal?

A truly collaborative and self-moderating web-OS. Users voting on what commands are good, bad, or spam. Anyone being able to edit commands, wiki-style. A truly functional web-OS including everything you'd expect from a UNIX shell.

Someday, integration with a true UNIX shell. Picture it-- if you execute, say, "cowsay," and it doesn't exist on your system, the shell then executes the existing Eunichx command called "cowsay". Blurring the lines between local and networked, saving space, time, making things more convenient-- but in a distributed fashion; no one person or corporation controlling the commands and their subsequent data. Imagine being able to automate repetitive online tasks with a shell script, mixing system and Eunichx commands!

TODO, in order

  • Advanced command syntax.I just took a look at YubNub's-- it's fantastic!
  • Command piping!
  • Migrate commands from plain-text files to MariaDB
  • User editing of commands
  • Proper man-pages
  • ls command-- lists all commands in res/commands
  • User accounts,
  • "info" command, for seeing comments, votes, etc.
  • Commenting, voting
  • POST mimicing & faking
  • Dashboard of recent commands, popular ones, etc.
  • File-upload mimicing (?)

Less important TODOs, can be done whenever

  • Add an HTTPS-checker to the index. If using HTTP, then recommend a redirection to HTTPS
  • In Eunichx-bin, implement grep
  • Implement apropos (greps the output of ls -l)

The code's entirety (sans the captcha program, Securimage, which is GPLv2) is under the AGPLv3 (or any later version!).