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modifiers neeed #182

gendalf opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hello. Previously, he wrote a lot of complicated patterns on the smary. How about the idea of ​​adding modifiers variables?

is my realization in utils.js
var applyModifiers = function(str) {
var modifiers = str.split('|');
var result = modifiers.shift();
for(var i=0; i<modifiers.length; i++) {
params = modifiers[i].split(':'); modifier = params.shift();
result = "_jademodifiers."+modifier+".call("+result+(params.length?','+params.join(','):'')+")";
return result;

var interpolate = exports.interpolate = function(str){
return str.replace(/(\)?([#$!]){(.*?)}/g, function(str, escape, flag, code){
if (escape) return str;
var cc = ('!' == flag ? '' : 'escape') + "(" + applyModifiers( code.replace(/\'/g, "'") ) + ")";
return "' + " + cc + " + '";

_jademodifiers is global array of functions... filed by registerModifier in jade

in template: #{somevar|truncate:20} or #{somevar|}

is only fast realization... is not prodction code

tj commented

why not just use helper functions? #{truncate(somevar, 20)} i think it's more natural for js folk

@tj tj closed this
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