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Make includes works with filters #678

kizu opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The goal I want to achieve is to add ability to include the contents of the different files while filtering them through any filter available in Jade.

What I propose is to treat some extensions as filters, so if you'd do include or include foo.markdown the contents of this file would be included as if it was filtered through :markdown, if you'd include it would be filtered through coffee-script etc.

I think that such feature would be really convenient and useful, and it must be really easy to implement I hope.

tj commented

i think we had a request like this but im definitely +1


duplicate of #283

  include file.ext

will treat "include file.ext" as markdown filter's feed, so include is just plain text for markdown filter, so we may design this usage like below

:markdown include file.ext

so jade can treat include after :filter in the same line as real include.


That was partly done in #283, and there is also #853, so closing this issue.

@kizu kizu closed this
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