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backslashes get over-escaped in expressions #784

jcmf opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Javascript expressions seem to be double-escaped somehow. For example, if I try to make a regular expression literal that matches a literal dot, I end up with something that instead matches a literal backslash followed by any character:

> console.log(src)
.url #{result.u.replace('http://', '').replace(/^www\./, '')}
> console.log(jade.compile(src, {client: true, compileDebug: false}).toString()) 
function anonymous(locals, attrs, escape, rethrow, merge) {
attrs = attrs || jade.attrs; escape = escape || jade.escape; rethrow = rethrow || jade.rethrow; merge = merge || jade.merge;
var buf = [];
with (locals || {}) {
var interp;
buf.push('<div class="url">' + escape((interp = result.u.replace('http://', '').replace(/^www\\./, '')) == null ? '' : interp) + '</div>');
return buf.join("");

I see a bunch of recent backslash-related activity, including #731, not sure whether or how this is related exactly.

tj commented

patching this up

@tj tj referenced this issue from a commit
@tj tj add regression test for #784 06c9210
@tj tj closed this issue from a commit
@tj tj fix double-escaping of interpolated js slashes. Closes #784
lame fix since we dont actually tokenize
text nodes
@tj tj closed this in 30c173d
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