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Sass/SCSS filter? #932

ahmedelgabri opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I'm a bit confused about this, under features there is nothing mentioning support for Sass/SCSS filter but when I searched in the issues I found this which is closed 3 years ago.

So does Jade supports :sass or :scss filters or not?

btw, I'm having errors when I'm using 4 spaces but not when I'm using 2 tabs indentation "that's a bit off-topic, sorry"


Currently it doesn't support sass or scss. The collection of available filters is here.

stylus and less are the two supported stylesheet languages. #860 would resolve this and add support for a huge range of additional filters but since I submitted the pull request I really need @visionmedia to merge it and so far he hasn't got round to commenting on it.

As for the 4 vs. 2 spaces I always use 2 and I think so does @visionmedia so I'm not sure if it supports 4 spaces. Feel free to open a separate issue for that one.


Also, you can extend filters by assigning to jade.filters.filterName

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