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fix runtime.js fs error #543

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runtime.js require('fs') is not defined



If runtime.js is meant for the client, why is this here?

edit: Oh, I see issue #611 now. Also, this patch is to /runtime.js instead of /lib/runtime.js. Should both be in version control?

tj commented

yeah it's used for server-side jade as well, ideally we would compile it out but for now im fine with adding ./runtime.js to the repo

tj commented

This issue has been inactive for over 1 month so I'm closing it. If you think it's still an issue re-open. - tjbot

@tj tj closed this

I meant runtime.js is for browser side


I don't have permission to reopen it

@tj tj reopened this

Confirming this is still a problem. Any reason to not just check if this is on a client and not try to find context?


Just came across this today; took a slightly different approach. I try/caught the require() instead of if (node) {} junk.

See pull #734 for the solution.

tj commented

@coderanger yeah it could be as simple as an if, I just dont have time ATM


This would need rebasing, we do need to have a closer look at client/runtime.js issues though, so someone could open a fresh issue if there isn't one already.

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Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. @guileen

    fix runtime.js fs error

    guileen authored
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Showing with 2 additions and 17 deletions.
  1. +2 −17 runtime.js
19 runtime.js
@@ -96,28 +96,13 @@ exports.escape = function escape(html){
exports.rethrow = function rethrow(err, filename, lineno){
if (!filename) throw err;
- var context = 3
- , str = require('fs').readFileSync(filename, 'utf8')
- , lines = str.split('\n')
- , start = Math.max(lineno - context, 0)
- , end = Math.min(lines.length, lineno + context);
- // Error context
- var context = lines.slice(start, end).map(function(line, i){
- var curr = i + start + 1;
- return (curr == lineno ? ' > ' : ' ')
- + curr
- + '| '
- + line;
- }).join('\n');
// Alter exception message
err.path = filename;
err.message = (filename || 'Jade') + ':' + lineno
- + '\n' + context + '\n\n' + err.message;
+ + '\n\n' + err.message;
throw err;
return exports;
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