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A cross-platform Python command-line frontend to Pandoc for building an Ebook from Markdown and generating PDFs, ePubs, Mobis and more.


Install Python

Install Pandoc and LaTeX using Pandoc's installation page for the version of LaTeX to use for your operating system.

On Windows, I use:

Quickstart Guide

Step 1

Add the directory holding to your PATH or copy all three ebook.* files to somewhere that's already in your path. On Linux, set the executable bit on ebook, like so:

chmod 700 ebook

Step 2

Initialize your ebook directory

Create a new directory for your ebook and run:

ebook init

You'll be prompted for the following three values that will be stored in ebook.json.

Base name - This is the filename of your Markdown file (without the .md extension) as well as the name that will be used for all of the output files.

TeX template file - The TeX template file that Pandoc will use to build a PDF of your ebook. This is an initial version to start with, but that you can modify. It is hard coded to use cover.jpg for the cover image. Fonts may need to be adjusted for different operating systems.

Cover image filename - If you change it to something other than cover.jpg, update the default TeX template if necessary.

Step 3

Write your book in Markdown (the file should be the value you chose for basename with a suffix of .md, e.g. if your base name is "my_ebook", the file would be

Generate your desired format

For example...

to create a PDF of your ebook:

ebook pdf

to create an ePub:

ebook epub

to create a Mobi using KindleGen:

ebook mobi

Run ebook without any arguments to see all of the possible formats.

Take a look at the examples directory to see an eBook I created in a few minutes from a Project Gutenberg text file.

Use Amazon's Kindle Previewer to emulate different Kindle Devices


A frontend for Pandoc to build a variety of file types (PDF, ePub and Mobi being the most useful) from a Markdown file.




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