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Our Drunken World

By Jade Chan, Rebecca Larson, and Ben Tanen

Welcome to Our Drunken World, a visualization of how alcoholic our world truly is.

We were interested in exploring alcohol consumptions around the world. There exist certain stereotypes about which countries drink which types of alcohol and we wanted to build a platform to either confirm or debunk these stereotypes with this visualization.

Data Used:

In order to create this, we use data from the World Health Organization, which collected the average consumption of wine, beer, and spirits in liters per capita per year for every country. Our data spans from 1960 to 2010. The source can be found here.

Visualization Features

  • Map: This map serves as a quick snapshot of the consumption levels around the world. Each country is encoded with a color which represents their consumption relative to the rest of the world, a lighter color represents less consumption and a darker color for heavier consumption.
  • Timeline: We can also explore how consumption has changed from year to year by dragging our timeline or over time by hitting the play button.
  • Filters: Different filters can be applied to look at how the world drinks different combinations, if you're interested in a more refined or targeted search.
  • Searchbar: We can also select specific countries using the search bar, as opposed to clicking them on the map, if you are geographically challenged
  • Sidebar: Clicking on a country will add it to the sidebar, allowing you to further compare different countries over time. This feature also works with our filters, allowing you to refine your search. If you click on each line graph, it’ll aggregate the selected types of alcohol, totaling the consumption.


Visualizing how alcoholic the world truly is.






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