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  • Farhad seifi
  • add db path to
  • do more while normalizing, specially against SQLInjection. remove all non alpha numerical
  • Atomic problem when I'm commiting every 10 inserts
  • some health check url
  • there is problem with JJ1000000 and JJ100
  • create requirements.txt (pip freeze)
  • the insert will fail if there is a ' or " in excel file
  • another 10 % problem :D
  • refactor name str in normalize function
  • in normalize, convert AB001 to AB00001 (max len? say 15)
  • dockerize (alpine? search for uwsgi)
  • merge pull requests.. check I mean :)
  • do proper inserts with INTO
  • templating
  • thanks H shafiee
  • rate limit
  • add call back token on kavenegar site
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