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An HTML5 Game Engine built for speed and power.

Table Of Contents

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This project's goal is to build an HTML5 Massive Online Battle Arena. For this project, this team decided This team has researched many existing HTML5 game engines, and found them all lacking in some area or another. The specific goals of this game and game engine are listed below.

  1. Use a Component, Entity, System Game Engine Design Pattern. For more info, see here.
  2. Utilize Web Workers to do the game simulation, allowing for greater frame rate and a better user experience.
  3. Use Peer-to-Peer networking for syncronization.

See documentation here.

NOTE: Below we refer to sim and main when running the development tools. sim means that the operation will be run on the Simulation code (inside a webworker), and main means that the operation will be run on the code that runs in the normal window environment.

Getting Started

Install from the package.json

npm install

Get Grunt

npm install -g yo grunt-cli

Get Google Closure Library

git clone https://code.google.com/p/closure-library/ app/closure-library

Get local dependancies

bower install

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Grunt Tasks

Note: I have only run this on my Mac. I think it should work no problem on linux, but I haven't tested it on Windows.

Run the server

grunt server

The server will start and open up the page in your web browser. The page that is loaded is the un-compiled developer version. To use the compiled version, see the "Build the Project" section. The server is a live reload, so any changes you make to a file will be reflected in the page on a reload.

Update the Dependancies

grunt deps

Calculates all of the dependancies for the whole game and puts them in app/js/deps.js.

Build the Project

grunt build

Compiles all of the source files for the game into an optimized, minimized, single script located at app/jsc/game.js.

Generate Documentation

grunt doc

Generates the documentation for the project. The documentation is taken from annotations in the source code. The generated documentation is in the /doc folder.

For more info on the commands or the dev environment, see Closure Generator.


The engine is a Entity Component System. For more information, see the article by Adam Martin here.

Release History

  • v0.0.1, Mid Dec 2013
    • Big Bang


Copyright (c) 2013 ME PRETTY Licensed under the MIT.

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