Python API wrapper for Rocket.Chat
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Python API wrapper for Rocket.Chat

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  • From pypi: pip3 install rocketchat_API
  • From GitHub: Clone our repository and python3 install



from pprint import pprint
from rocketchat_API.rocketchat import RocketChat

proxy_dict = {
              "http"  : "",
              "https" : "",

rocket = RocketChat('user', 'pass', server_url='', proxies=proxy_dict)
pprint(rocket.chat_post_message('good news everyone!', channel='GENERAL', alias='Farnsworth').json())
pprint(rocket.channels_history('GENERAL', count=5).json())

note: every method returns a requests Response object.

Method parameters

Only required parameters are explicit on the RocketChat class but you can still use all other parameters. For a detailed parameters list check the Rocket chat API

API coverage

Most of the API methods are already implemented. If you are interested in a specific call just open an issue or open a pull request.

note: Library updated to work with Rocket.Chat >= 0.66.0


We are actively testing :)

Tests run on a Rocket.Chat Docker container so install Docker and docker-compose. To start test server do docker-compose -f docker-compose-test-setver.yml up and to take test server down docker-compose -f docker-compose-test-setver.yml down


You can contribute by doing Pull Requests. (It may take a while to merge your code but if it's good it will be merged). Please, try to implement tests for all your code and use a PEP8 compliant code style.

Reporting bugs and asking for features is also contributing ;) Feel free to help us grow by registering issues.

We hang out here if you want to talk.