Mongodb cron backup to Google Cloud Storage (GCE)
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Mongodb cron backup to Google Cloud Storage (GCE)

How To Use

docker run -d -e PROJECT_ID=unique_id_on_gce -e GS_ID=gs_access_key_id -e GS_SECRET=gs_secret_access_key -e MONGO_HOST= -e MONGO_DATABASE=database -e MONGO_USER=user -e MONGO_PASS=password -e BUCKET=storage-bucket -e CRON_TIME="0 1 * * *" jadsonlourenco/mongodb-backup-gce

Environment Variables

PROJECT_ID - Demo(3)

The project id on Google Cloud, need be the default.

GS_ID - Demo(4)

The Access Key of Interoperability session.

GS_SECRET - Demo(4)

The Secret Key of Interoperability session.


The bucket name, need create the bucket on Google Cloud Console before.


The IP or domain of your Mongodb server, with the port (


Database name to backup, the file will be saved at gs://bucket/database_name_date.tar.gz.


If your server need authentication, set the user of current database.


Like before but for the password.


The cron time, the frequency that will generate a new backup, default is 0 1 * * * every day at 1am (GTM).
Here is a good cron generator.


None! Use as you want and like.

By Jadson Lourenço - @jadsonlourenco
"Quem tem verdadeiros ideais não sonha."