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Iris (formerly known as Spotmop) is a Mopidy HTTP client that utilizes Spotify to create an interactive, user-friendly and collaborative music interface. Built and maintained by James Barnsley.

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  • Full web-based interface controls for Mopidy
  • Integrated with Spotify and LastFM APIs for high-quality artwork and extra info
  • Support for any Mopidy backend
  • Improved support for local libraries using SQLite extension
  • Browse and manage your playlists, along with top tracks, new releases and genre browser
  • Discover new and related music, powered by Spotify
  • Freely hosted, auto-updated interface available (beta)



  • Mopidy
  • Mopidy-Spotify (recommended, not required)
  • Mopidy-Local-Sqlite (recommended, not required)

Getting started