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Jaeger website

This repo houses all the assets used to build the Jaeger website, available at

The site is built and hosted by Netlify.


Install the extended hugo binary from hugo/releases or use package manager if it is available for your operating system. The currently used version of hugo is defined in netifly.toml configuration file.

Running the site locally

If you want to develop the site locally, you can run a single command (assuming that you've run the setup):

$ make develop

This will start up a local server on localhost port 1313. When you make changes to either the content of the website (in content) or to the Sass and JavaScript assets of the page (in themes/jaeger-docs/source), the browser will automatically update to reflect those changes (usually in under one second).

Publishing the site

The site is published automatically by Netlify whenever changes are merged to the master branch. The site cannot be published in an ad-hoc way (e.g. through a make command or script in the repo).

Contributing to the site

We strongly encourage you to contribute to this site! For more information, see the contributing guide.

Publishing new Jaeger version

Each Jaeger version is documented in a separate directory e.g. content/docs/1.8.

When submitting changes for a new version of Jaeger, please first make a copy of the current version's documentation under the new version number and commit it. Then apply any relevant changes to update the documentation for the new version as a separate PR, to make it easier to review the changes. A possible workflow is

  1. copy files from old version to a new directory
  2. add the new version to config.toml
  3. commit the copied files
  4. make documentation changes for the new version
  5. commit the changes related to the new version
  6. submit a pull request and do not squash commits


Apache 2.0 License.