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jaeger-idl Build Status

A set of shared Thrift and Protobuf data model definitions used by the Jaeger components.

Generating code

This repository does not publish the generated code, but it does run Thrift and protoc generators as part of the CI to verify all IDL files. See the Makefile for example. In particular, the classes for different languages can be compiled using the jaegertracing/protobuf Docker image (see README).

To generate the stubs for your own purposes:

  • clone the repository
  • run make proto or make thrift
  • the stubs will be generated under gen-{lang} for Thrift and proto-gen-{lang} for Protobuf


The Jaeger repositories that use these IDL files usually import this repository as a Git submodule, so you can verify which revision of the IDLs is being used by looking at the submodule commit sha, e.g. in GitHub it will show like this [->] idl @ d64c4eb.




Apache 2.0 License.