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@pavolloffay pavolloffay released this Jun 27, 2019

Backend Changes

Breaking Changes

  • The traces related metrics on collector now have a new tag sampler_type (#1576, @guanw)

    This might break some existing metrics dashboard (if so, users need to update query to aggregate over this new tag).

    The list of metrics affected: traces.received, traces.rejected, traces.saved-by-svc.

  • Remove deprecated index prefix separator : from Elastic (#1620, @pavolloffay)

    In Jaeger 1.9.0 release the Elasticsearch index separator was changed from : to -. To keep backwards
    compatibility the query service kept querying indices with : separator, however the new indices
    were created only with -. This release of Jaeger removes the query capability for indices containing :,
    therefore it's recommended to keep using older version until indices containing old separator are
    not queried anymore.

New Features

Bug fixes, Minor Improvements

UI Changes

  • UI pinned to version 1.3.0. The changelog is available here v1.3.0
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