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Backend Changes

Breaking Changes

The following agent flags has has been deprecated in order to support multiple reporters:


New flags:

  • Various changes around metrics produced by jaeger-query: Names scoped to the query component, generated for all span readers (not just ES), consolidate query metrics and include result tag (#1074, #1075 and #1096, @objectiser)

For example, sample of metrics produced for find_traces operation before:

jaeger_find_traces_attempts 1
jaeger_find_traces_errLatency_bucket{le="0.005"} 0
jaeger_find_traces_errors 0
jaeger_find_traces_okLatency_bucket{le="0.005"} 0
jaeger_find_traces_responses_bucket{le="0.005"} 1
jaeger_find_traces_successes 1

And now:

jaeger_query_latency_bucket{operation="find_traces",result="err",le="0.005"} 0
jaeger_query_latency_bucket{operation="find_traces",result="ok",le="0.005"} 2
jaeger_query_requests{operation="find_traces",result="err"} 0
jaeger_query_requests{operation="find_traces",result="ok"} 2
jaeger_query_responses_bucket{operation="find_traces",le="0.005"} 2

New Features

Bug fixes, Minor Improvements

UI Changes

New Features
  • Span Search - Highlight search results (#238), @davit-y
  • Span Search - Improve search logic (#237), @davit-y
  • Span Search - Add result count, navigation and clear buttons (#234), @davit-y

Bug Fixes, Minor Improvements

  • Use correct duration format for scatter plot (#266), @tiffon)
  • Fix collapse all issues (#264), @tiffon)
  • Use a moderately sized canvas for the span graph (#257), @tiffon)