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2010-12-29 wycats
* FEATURE: Opening with an explicit directory starts on NERDTree
* FEATURE: If you close the last window before NERDTree, close NERDTree
* EXTERNAL: Block insert mode in NERDTree [wycats/nerdtree]
* FEATURE: Add a Mkdir NERDTree/Command-T aware alias
2010-12-28 wycats
* TAG: 0.9.0
* BUGFIX: Interaction bug between NERDTree and ZoomWin
* BUGFIX: Arrow keys not working in xterm [akatz]
* FEATURE: SearchFold
* FEATURE: Refresh NERDTree and CommandT on refocus
* FEATURE: <Leader><Leader> triggers ZoomWin
* FEATURE: JSLint plugin
* FEATURE: Improved, more modern-looking NERDTree
* FEATURE: irblack theme (now default)