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Changes coming with the new, statechart-based SC 1.0 client:
// 0.9 bug fixes
* [FIXED] messages are now actually moved after a drag and drop
// interaction improvements
* [NEW] mailboxes can now be dragged onto folders
// new view-layer features
* [NEW] message list columns are now resizable
* [NEW] animations are now done in CSS on Safari 4
* [NEW] added visible handles for mailbox-messages split divider
// user defaults
* [NEW] OtherInbox can save your selections persistently in a modern web browsers
// spacebar-related
* [NEW] pressing spacebar selects the next unread message in the current mailbox, or if there is none, in the next mailbox with an unread message
* [NEW] when the user selects an unread message by pressing the spacebar, OtherInbox will now automatically prefetch the messages for the next mailbox with unread messages
* [NEW] when the user selects an unread message by pressing the spacebar, the next unread message will also be downloaded into an offscreen iframe, making it pre-cached for the upcoming access, improving end-user performance
// mailbox search
* [NEW] typing while the mailbox list has focus will narrow the mailbox list down to just the matching mailboxes. Pressing ESC will end the search
In progress:
* [NEW] localized JavaScript strings used in the user interface
* [CHANGED] standardize on CSS style naming
* [NEW] tags and message details now scroll with the message body (need server-side support, CNAME for HTTP access and an SSL proxy for HTTPS)
* [CHANGED] all state changes to messages appear to happen immediately -- they are no longer dependent on getting a fast server response
* [CHANGED] single-selecting an unread message now immediately marks the message as read (selecting an unread message by extending an existing selection does not mark the message as read)
* [FIXED] if a read messages was marked as unread, selecting it would not re-mark it as read without reloading the app
* [NEW] OtherInbox now remembers your mailbox and message selections during usage
* [CHANGED] creating a new mailbox now happens in a new window, instead of replacing the current window
* [NEW] keyboard shortcuts for moving between the mailbox list and the message list -- use right to go to the messages, left to go to the mailboxes
* [CHANGED] made undo button invisible until the functionality becomes available
* [NEW] it is now possible to unblock a mailbox
* [NEW] OtheInbox is now styled using SproutCore's "theming" support
* [CHANGED] application buttons now respond on mouseDown:
* [FIXED] the "Block Mailbox" button is no longer visible when the "Blocked" folder is selected
* [CHANGED] scroll well is now always visible in the message list
* [CHANGED] scroll well is now always visible in message area
* [NEW] keyboard shortcuts for folder selection -- Control-1 for Inbox, Control-2 for Saved, etc.
* [CHANGED] list item styling in folders, mailboxes and messages is now more consistent
* [CHANGED] tags styling in the message list is now much prettier
* [FIXED] scroll bars did not always appear in the mailbox and message list when needed
* [CHANGED] new messages are no longer auto-selected (eliminating the previous 3 second timer workaround)
* [CHANGED] mailbox selection now occurs on mouseDown (previously was on mouseUp)
* [CHANGED] folder selection now occurs on mouseDown (previously was on mouseUp)
* [CHANGED] the folder list is no longer "focusable"; selecting a new folder will move focus to the mailbox list for that folder
* [CHANGED] dividers now have much larger targets for adjusting the splitter
* [CHANGED] the entire right portion of the message detail button bar can be used to change the divider position
* [CHANGED] mailbox list now supports incremental rendering, improving performance with very large numbers of mailboxes (requires server API support)
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