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Stanford ACM-ICPC

This is a repository for the Stanford ACM-ICPC teams. It currently hosts (a) the team notebook, and (b) complete lecture slides for CS 97SI.

The team notebook is compiled from codes written by previous Stanford team members and coaches.

Generating team notebook

The included Python scripts can generate the notebook in PDF or HTML format. Both scripts read the contents of the notebook from contents.txt.

PDF version

Requires: Python 2/3, latexmk

Script for generating the PDF file is The LaTeX template that the script uses is notebook.tex. It recognizes common file extensions for C/C++/Java/Python and applies syntax highlighting. In order to change the color scheme or add additional languages, both notebook.tex and should be modified accordingly.

HTML version

Requires: Python 2/3, enscript

Script for generating the HTML file is Syntax highlighting is handled solely by enscript, and in order to change the color schemes, either the default options of enscript or should be edited accordingly.