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Getting information about a replication

Use this API to retrieve details about a replication.

Requirement: OpenSearchServer v1.5.10

Call parameters

URL: /services/rest/index/{index_name}/replication?name={replication_name}

Method: GET

URL parameters:

  • index_name (required): The name of the index.
  • replication_name (required): The name of the replication.

Success response

Information about the replication.

HTTP code: 200

Content (application/json):

	  "info":"100% completed - 0 file(s) sent - 0 bytes sent",

Error response

The request failed. The reason is provided in the content.

HTTP code: 500

Sample call

Using CURL:

curl -XGET http://localhost:8080/services/rest/index/my_index/replication?name=http://localhost:8080/articles_backup

Using jQuery:

   type: "GET",
   dataType: "json",
   url: "http://localhost:8080/services/rest/index/my_index/replication?name=http://localhost:8080/articles_backup
}).done(function (data) {
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