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A tiling X11 window manager with Vulkan compositor.
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A tiling window manager with Vulkan based compositor. Documentation




Window manager:

  • Dynamic horizontal and vertical tiling with gaps and stacking
  • Specify container size restrictions, overlap when necessary
  • Resize and translate individual containers in their place while keeping the surrounding layout
  • Floating containers and automatic dialog, dock, widget etc. handling
  • Yank and paste containers to move them within the tree hierarchy along with typical move operations
  • Configuration with python, scriptable behaviour with client and container specific callbacks
  • Fully keyboard controllable


  • Vulkan renderer
  • Arbitrary window decorations and borders with user supplied shaders
  • Per-client materials
  • Optional, alternatively use any other external compositor


Currently a PKGBUILD is available for testing purposes. Install from AUR, or run meson to build manually. The package from AUR will install a default configuration and the precompiled shaders to /usr/share/chamfer/. Copy the configuration to another location to make modifications. Once ready, put the following line to your .xinitrc:

exec chamfer --config=/usr/share/chamfer/config/ --shader-path=/usr/share/chamfer/shaders/

When multiple rendering devices are available, make the choice with --device-index=n, where n is the zero-based index of the device (default = 0). Launch Xorg with startx. NVIDIA users may have to add Option "AllowSHMPixmaps" "1" to their Xorg configuration.

To run the WM without the integrated compositor, use

exec chamfer --config=/usr/share/chamfer/config/ -n

In this case, any other external compositor may be used.

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