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Badge-Cache Build Status

Simple cache for rust crates and generic badges

badge-cache supports the same url api as while enforcing a Cache-Control: max-age=3600 (1 hr) client-side cache. Badges generated from are cached server-side for 12 hrs unless explicitly reset.

Setup / Usage

  • Download the latest release: ./ run
  • Expose a direct instance to the world bin/badge-cache serve --public --port 80 --log
  • Setup behind a proxy
    • setup ssl certs (if you want), see
    • copy nginx.conf.sample to /etc/nginx/sites-available/badge and update with your project/site info
      • sudo nginx -t
      • sudo systemctl restart nginx
    • copy badge.service.sample to /lib/systemd/system/badge.service and update with your project info
      • sudo systemctl enable badge
      • sudo systemctl start badge
      • check the logs sudo journalctl -f -u badge
  • Clearing the cache:
    • The server will do a sweep of its cache every hour to clear out expired items.
    • Cached files can be forcefully deleted using the admin helper:
      • target/release/badge-cache admin --clear-cached-badges /<PATH_TO_PROJ>/static/badges
      • Setup a cron job to forcefully delete all cached files every other day:
        • 0 0 2-30/2 * * /<PATH_TO_PROJ>/target/release/badge-cache admin --clear-cached-badges /<PATH_TO_PROJ>/static/badges --no-confirm >> /var/log/badge.log 2>&1


libssl-dev is required on linux for reqwest

  • Run a dev instance cargo run -- serve --log -> localhost:3000