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1 parent b3d5211 commit 782cb80f1f9ae5c0515ba8e03fb3e4f783f943d3 Sune Kloppenborg Jeppesen committed Sep 26, 2012
@@ -2,4 +2,4 @@ AUX pms_initd_1 592 SHA256 0975b95c166bedbfda3f138e45e2bd0633d524c29ab452966e9fc
AUX start_pms_1.patch 764 SHA256 47f92d85d31041d8fe64e732385ae7fa423779e2db1745af7129486fc26a1f82 SHA512 87552834e7ff08987b5f00998d949a2ad836d65d94289de7e1b73b19d4b2205659b7e60d926b3e08154f1f2ebc9230a7839af92bf31ed21b3883483879ff180f WHIRLPOOL 733ba1fa1b60bfab7d6e31269f4f738d516d28a3a45a837daa1daea0e59e9886f736fd36033500782baf918ce0cc6db09b2c45dd24d75ae1cd23f0ca69705fe1
DIST plexmediaserver_0. 61964102 SHA256 dfd52a89f3b8c5e13f0108061d51d54d0408b9810dfa0e5b522d0b140a25621f
DIST plexmediaserver_0. 60679260 SHA256 88391fb93b4607d7fa2f7678ce684ac81357655c262972a711b9ccdf7ff5aaf4
-EBUILD plex-media-server- 2581 SHA256 5e5bb68356cf8ad77457dbe2a28f1e70e42499fa3db3ea66671b176ff06dad26 SHA512 f8e3c0ce4314bd241e3e2d7cfc0b687a1b0657b5e35393a61f3d112668ac6de18512ecfc3506064dddcccab8087a15e0af8624ba9e2d679683817b30bf296934 WHIRLPOOL 739920256f112e0200c88fdfe202a97cbddf8560c46c7f71ae2ade486538ae4d2c997a7fd61c7d8a13c7c4289364275a98367c524c4e15d4b69c8c0aee73858f
+EBUILD plex-media-server- 2364 SHA256 637c65491717020191d7989812f7a17619765d82bc3859373050d53dad814986 SHA512 59f39ce9c6988e54c6dbbd45cf8099dc2399062471fe18749f0f535bea6b56a91c4008b02ed9d070528c490cd11a0050dafa61280af383a4cdb5f0abcc55e348 WHIRLPOOL efad41813c1e4bf587c8f720e2193d605c90003a4fc03160cd2d4560adc3605971d2ce7b56281efed1969d17fd781dab791dc21370dab02d9ebffa36bb3d048e
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
-# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
+# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $
inherit eutils
-DESCRIPTION="Plex Media Server is a free media library that is intended for use with a plex client available for OS X, iOS and Android systems. It is a standalone product which can be used in conjunction with every program, that knows the API. For managing the library a web based interface is provided."
+DESCRIPTION="Plex Media Server is a free media library for use with clients available for OS X, iOS and Android."
KEYWORDS="-* ~x86 ~amd64"
SRC_URI="x86? ( )
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ pkg_preinst() {
mkdir "${D}"var
mkdir "${D}"var/log
mkdir "${D}"var/log/pms
- chown plex:plex ${D}var/log/pms
+ chown plex:plex "${D}"var/log/pms
# also make sure the default library folder is pre created with correct permissions
mkdir "${D}"var/lib
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ pkg_preinst() {
pkg_prerm() {
einfo "Stopping running instances of Media Server"
- if [ -e "${INIT_SCRIPT}" ]; then
- ${INIT_SCRIPT} stop
- fi
+ if [ -e "${INIT_SCRIPT}" ]; then
+ ${INIT_SCRIPT} stop
+ fi

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