Source code for my Chief Dexter (12 and 24 hour clock) watch face for the Garmin Vivoactive HR
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Source code for my hief Dexter (12 and 24 hour clock) watch face at:


  1. Please import this project following the instructions here: under the heading "Importing an Example" so as to create a copy, allowing you to work off a copy instead of the original files.

  2. And most importantly, each project has been assigned a unique identifier UUID and it's recommended that you generate your own UUID for the project (it's "ID=" in the manifest.xml). If you have my version of the app on your device and then upload your own with the same UUID as mine, it could result in something messy. Please refer to this page: under the heading "Application Attributes" for more details. You can generate your own UUID here:

I am making the source code available to the public to play around with. However, don't work on this project itself and then upload the completed project to Garmin. Create your own project and use this as a sort of sandbox and reference and then move the code lines over to your own project. This would also resolve point #2.

By the way, this stuff is not copyrighted so feel free to modify and mess around with it. Just don't sell it for profit or otherwise. :-)

There are no guarantees that this will work for your Vivoactive HR or your project, so please use it at your own risk. So far it works on my tracker watch with no issues, but I can't guarantee that it will be the same for yours. :-D

As I am a non-coder without any programming or coding experience (ok just two watch faces, but still a beginner), I am unable to answer any emails or request for help or clarifications. And besides, I have a full time job that requires a lot of my time. Sorry. :-) But one good place to request for assistance or help is the forum which I went to quite a lot. The people there have been very generous with their knowledge and you can also search through it for other similar questions or issues which were resolved.

This is actually my test piece that I used to figure out how to get the watch to display either 12 or 24 hour time based on the user's setting on the watch itself. It was meant for my own use as a trial and error project, but after cleaning it up a bit, I decided to post it on the app store. Everything is kind of anchored to the top left, hence its name which is derived from heraldic terms, but reversed.

  1. Date line shows the full day, date, month and year.

  2. Time format (12 or 24 hours) determined by your watch's setting. 12 hour time is indicated by the ":" between hour and minute while 24 hour time will always have four digits.

  3. Third line is the steps counter with a small "stp" right of it.

  4. Fourth line is the floors climbed over the daily goal with a small "flr" right of it.

The bottom line displays:

  1. Battery strength remaining via icon and percentage amount.

  2. Extreme right displays the bluetooth icon when connected to the phone.

  3. If you get a notification from the phone, a white box with the number of unacknowledged notifications in black will appear over the bluetooth icon. (You need to be connected via blue tooth before you can get a notification, hence a notification alert will also mean your watch is connected).

  4. Alarm notification icon in the shape of a bell will appear on the left of the blue tooth or notification alert if you have an activated alarm.


a) Garmin forum members jim_m_58, TRAVIS.VITEK, ASmugDill & QQSTARS for their help, tips and explanation.

b) Bluetooth and Alarm status icons by Google (obtained from and LCARSGTJ3 font for the time courtesy of Nils Byte (