Source code for my Military24Time (Big Font) watch face for the Garmin Vivoactive HR
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Source code for my Military24Time (Big Font) watch face at


  1. Please import this project following the instructions here: under the heading "Importing an Example" so as to create a copy, allowing you to work off a copy instead of the original files.

  2. And most importantly, each project has been assigned a unique identifier UUID and it's recommended that you generate your own UUID for the project (it's "ID=" in the manifest.xml). If you have my version of the app on your device and then upload your own with the same UUID as mine, it could result in something messy. Please refer to this page under the heading "Application Attributes" for more details. You can generate your own UUID here:

I am making the source code for my first Garmin project, a watch face for the Vivoactive HR, available to the public to play around with. This is intended for the raw beginners who have no knowledge about coding, design, or other techie stuff, just like me! Please refer to the below for all the websites that got me started, and perhaps you can use this project to figure your way around. However, don't work on this project itself and then upload the completed project to Garmin. Create your own project and use this as a sort of sandbox and reference and then move the code lines over to your own project. This would also resolve point #2.

By the way, this stuff is not copyrighted so feel free to modify and mess around with it. Just don't sell it for profit or otherwise. :-)

Oh, I can't guarantee that this will work for your Vivoactive HR or your project, so please use it at your own risk and only if you are willing to take that risk as I won't be responsible for your watch screwing up. :-D

As I am a non-coder without any programming or coding experience, I am unable to answer any emails or request for help or clarifications. And besides, I have a full time job that requires a lot of my time. Sorry. :-) But one good place to request for assistance or help is the forum which I went to quite a lot. The people there have been very generous with their knowledge and you can also search through it for other similar questions or issues which were resolved.

While my watch face uses built in system fonts, I also use a custom font for the time as the largest system font wasn't big enough. Please refer to tips below for how I did it.

TIPS for beginners:

Start with the simpler stuff like getting it to draw the time, date, activity or whatever information you want with the system font.

After you are done with that, you can try using custom font. This requires the program Bitmap Font Generator which is available here:

For how it is done, please refer to this video: There is no narration so you just need to follow the example.

You can also refer to this blog post:

As for the status icons, it's a bit complicated. I use the Bitmap Font Generator to generate the font for say B for bluetooth, P for battery power, A for activity, etc and then obtain PNG files for the status icons I want and then superimposed it on the letters in the *.fnt file that was generated by Bitmap Font Generator making sure that it is the same size.


And of course being new, the sites and people mentioned below have helped in one way or another:

  2. (Video tutorial by Petr Koula)
  6. (Garmin's developer guide)
  7. (Garmin's developers' forum)

And of course the people at Garmin's developers' forum that offered tips, directions and help such as: jim_m_58, PETERDEDECKER, TRAVIS.VITEK and ASmugDill.

The status icons obtained from designed by below mentioned:

  1. Battery icon by Madebyolver
  2. Smartphone icon by Freepik modified by me
  3. Bluetooth icon by Google Material Design

Font for the Time is "SWISS 911 Ultra Compressed BT (TrueType)" obtained from here: while I used the default device font for the rest.