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UI, API and iOS testing with Nightwatch and CucumberJS4
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End-to-End Testing with Nightwatch and Cucumber. Nightwatch is a browser automation framework component, supporting many browsers (inlcuding Electron). Tests are coded in Nodejs, and run against a Selenium/WebDriver server. API testing is also supported.

Step 1

Install all dependencies

$ npm install

Step 23

To run (and generate html report):

$ node_modules/.bin/nightwatch -c ./conf/nightwatch-cucumber.conf.js -e default && node generate-report.js

To run tests in parallel (and generate html report):

$ node_modules/.bin/nightwatch -c ./conf/nightwatch-cucumber-parallel.conf.js && node generate-report.js

To run by tag

$ node_modules/.bin/nightwatch -c ./conf/nightwatch-cucumber-parallel.conf.js -- --tag tagname

Step 3

Generate HTML report (with screenshots)

$ node generate-report.js

iOS testing

Using Appium - in order to run tests against, you will need Xcode installed, to use the simulators.

Prequisistes: XCode 9.2+

There are enough emulators that come with XCode package, but to install new ones, you will need to open from Xmcode app:

  • Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Simulator
  • In Simulator go to: Hardware > Device > Manage Devices
  • In devices window at the bottom of the left column, click the Add button (+)
  • Now follow the dialog.

To run:

$ npm install -g appium $ appium [NEW CONSOLE TAB] $ npm run nightwatch-cucumber-ios -- --tag iostest

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